An open letter to thiests against “The Golden Compass”

I am sick and tired of people railing on books that they’ve never read.
Have any of you Christians actually _read_ His Dark Materials?
I am, currently (on chapter 11 of the golden compass, can hardly put it down).
You know, when Narnia came out, I was excited, I loved those books. Just because they have _blatent_ christian overtones, I didn’t complain, I didn’t whine that it was going to “teach kids a pro-God message.” I didn’t complain about it- I enjoyed the movie, the work of fiction.
It’s a book! It talks about a fiction version of the Catholic church, in a fictional world. At the very least, it’s about what could happen if the church went awry.
It’s about what happens when people blindly subscribe to dogma and superstition. It’s not about killing God. It’s about a God whose blanked out, and left the world alone, and the crap that happens when he doesn’t do anything to stop it.
They don’t kill God in the books, they kill Metatron, God dies in the crossfire. God is an innocent, not a malcontent. Unless you worship Metatron., but none of you do that, right?
Metatron is a despot, a cruel demigod/angelesque being akin to another malcontent we know from you’re superstitious dogma, Christians, Satan.
So let me ask you this, don’t you want Satan to be fought?
Next time, before you complain about my beliefs, think of this, the God you believe in is logically impossible, non-unique, based on stories and anecdotes out of a book written by a bunch of men about a man who probably didn’t exist. You’re faith in this “God” fellow is blind, at best, stupid on average, and childish, at worst. Wake up to the world you’re living in, it’s worse than “God is Dead.”

Your God never existed in the first place.

Normally, I don’t care what you believe, I’ll let you be. You have your faith, I have mine. So what, you preach at kids. So what, you teach biblical fiction as literal fact. Okay, so you ignore things like “evidence” and “reason.” Hell, I’ve been accused of Satan worship, just because I don’t agree with your dogmatic dander (to which I reply, How can I worship something that doesn’t exist?). Just because I realize that I was wrong to believe in all this superstitious nonsense, and that the evidence, in fact, points to a more logical conclusion than deity. Doesn’t give me the right to tell you what to believe.


If you want to attack a movie- a work of fiction- as promoting my beliefs, insodoing turning me into a villian, a liar, and apparently, a satanist. A movie which, honestly, doesn’t do that, because they’ve purposefully toned down the mild atheist undertones. Just like they did in the Narnia movie. In fact, the book is not about atheism, at the least it’s about deism. If it were about atheism, it would show that God doesn’t exist, not assume him at the outset. You can’t kill a man who doesn’t exist.

Idiocy, pure idiocy.

~~Joe Fredette, an proud atheist, devout skeptic, and freethinker.
‘Sans Deus, mundo mea cupla.’


~ by jfredett on November 28, 2007.

8 Responses to “An open letter to thiests against “The Golden Compass””

  1. Joe,

    I’m a Christian and share many of your same views. I’m tired of people bashing a movie simply because they hear that it has an anti-christian message. I’ve gotten email messages forwarded to me from fellow Christians asking me to boycott this movie. I tell them that I really enjoyed the book and it is easy for me to separate what is wholesome and what is not. Are people so afraid of what will happen to them if they read a work of fiction?

    Many times I believe that churches whip their congregations into a frenzy over these types of movies (remember the DaVinci Code?) simply as marketing hype to fill the pews.

    Thanks for your blog.

  2. I think its very telling that Christians are so scared of this movie – what are they afraid of? That some of their number might ((gasp)) form an independent opinion?

  3. I’m happy you used the word theism–because certainly not all of Christianity encompasses this view point. there are plenty of Christians really wrestle with if and how God exists. though, certainly, God can not be proven using human logic (because if God is transcendent and thus greater than creatures can fathom, then certain God can not be contained within human knowledge). We can speak of God only in analogy, and often faulty metaphor at that. this/these God(s) of the past are idols when worshipped exclusively–but just because people worship idols does not negate the possibility that there is a true and actual God existing somehow, someway. and it’s also hard, and a little arrogant to discount what people have thought and believed for thousands of years–all of it cannot have been wrong. maybe they erred in believing that their name for God was the only one, but that doesn’t mean that the name per se was wrong, just that it wasn’t comprehensive.

    in any case. the book sounds fascinating. I’ll have to check it out (maybe add it to my Christmas break reading–I’m reading The Princess Bride right now, which is absolutely amazing. highly recommend it.)

    love you : )


  4. Jenn,

    More or less, it is a fundamentalist/far right Christian view. A lot of Catholics are also against it. I haven’t heard any Muslim complaints, though- I’m fairly sure they have bigger things to whine about as of late. For the most part, liberal and moderate Christians don’t seem to care to much, or are only mildly annoyed by the concept. Somewhat like the more hardline atheists were with Chronicles of Narnia and Passion of the Christ.

    The book is very good, I have it “on tape” (.mp3’s on my iPod). The symbolism, IMO, is far more subtle I think, than in Narnia, though there are some very obvious corollaries.

    Anyway, Talk to you later, Sis.

  5. Don’t go see the movie.

  6. Got to preview it. Nothing like the book.

  7. really? was it that bad? I think I still might see it, but maybe now I’ll wait till it comes out on DVD.

    Narnia was nothing like the book either, but it was still pretty okay. LotR was more like the book, and it was pretty good, who knows.

  8. Dude, nice blog.

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